Zimpher Kyser Inc. provides its customers with a history of experience in the industrial and commercial ventilation market. “Quality our By-Word” represents not only the quality of the products we offer, but also the quality of the service our customers expect. Products including fans, dust collection units, heating equipment, dampers and louvers, quick connect and/or fabric duct are all manufactured by the most respected names in the business and known not only nationally, but also internationally as the finest products available in the market today.

We understand there are a lot of options available in the products we represent and strive to be your number one choice when needs for these products arise. We will offer these products with integrity, with historical knowledge, and with the most economical options available for each different application. Our goal is to be the easiest company available for you to do business with.

General ventilation intake louvers either adjustable or stationary to demanding architectural storm louvers

Dampers for all general exhaust or supply needs to heavy duty industrial application control dampers for high temperatures and in excess of 20” wg pressures

Some of the industries’ most efficient low pressure drop smoke and fire dampers available in the market today

High Efficiency Cartridge dust collection for all needs from weld smoke applications to pharmaceutical needs

 Mist Collection equipment from the simplest water-soluble CNC collectors to the most demanding die cast operations

Cyclone school wood shop collectors to the largest wood working baghouse applications including the newest and most efficient means available defining the term “Best Known Technology”

Direct and Indirect gas fired air make-up equipment from the smallest restaurant applications to the most technically engineered energy management compatible equipment

High Efficiency air handling central system units for heating or make-up air including dust or mist collection filtration options


Centrifugal Blowers from utility fans to the most technically engineered blowers available in the market today

Roof and wall ventilators for applications from 75 CFM bathroom fans to 100,000 CFM roof ventilators

Tubeaxial, vaneaxial, in-line centrifugal fans for every possible duct fan solution

plenum, plug, and vent set fans for all oven, air handling units or OEM needs

Mancooler fans from simple floor standing units to heavy duty steel company mancoolers

Laboratory exhaust solutions for temperature and corrosive atmosphere applications

And a full line of fiberglass fan needs

Clamp together ductwork featuring the most efficient means available for adjustability, adaptability, installation and cleaning; duct accessories from ball swivel joints to motorized blast gates

The newest and most aesthetically pleasing fabric ductwork systems utilizing less weight than conventional ductwork, lower cost, and the most desirable air diffusion patterns and terminal velocities

Duct accessories including air blast nozzle and knife engineered systems and the industries’ most efficient spark elimination system